Chalkboard Wedding Guest Books

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 Chalkboard Wedding Guest Books

Chalkboard Wedding Guest Books

One of the best ways to greet your guests at either your wedding ceremony or reception is with one of these chalkboard wedding guest books. Rustic wedding guest books are extremely popular for 2017 as a lot of today’s newly engaged couples are planning to have more traditional weddings.

If you haven’t noticed vintage weddings are very popular right now. If you are coming to our website we can almost bet that you are in search of some quality vintage wedding decorations and favors. Chalkboard wedding anything is extremely popular this year with young couples as it is simple, clean, and classy.

Chalkboard Wedding Tree Guest Book

The Price Is Right

For the crafty bride and groom to be deciding to use one of these beautiful chalkboard wedding guest books is a great way to save a bit on the overall cost of your wedding.  Really if you want to take the do it yourself route all you need to do is stop by your local craft or department store and pick up a chalkboard and some chalk. Just make sure you or someone you know has impeccable handwriting as what you write on the chalkboard will be for all your guests to see.

Although you can buy a sign in book that is in the chalkboard style doesn’t mean you have to. A chalkboard wedding sign can just highlight the fact that you would like your guests to sign in and leave you and your husband to be a nice message. If you do decide to choose a chalkboard wedding theme you will find a large number of products both online and locally. Chalkboard wedding signs in general make great table number cards, wedding signs, and even wedding invitations.


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Chalkboard Wedding Sign, Custom Love Story Sign
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Social media wedding sign hashtag wedding sign Chalkboard hashtag sign

Stylish Chalkboard Wedding Guest Books

A great thing about using chalkboard wedding anything is the fact that it is a simple timeless look. You won’t have to worry about your theme of wedding looking dated in a few years. Vintage weddings of all type looked good in the past, they will look good at your wedding, and they will also look good in the future.

Some of the more popular styles of this type of vintage guest books include trees. Any type of tree used on wedding goods is to signify family. It shows your guest you have a strong commitment to building your own family and you are planting your roots with this lady or gentleman you are looking to marry.

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