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Not everyone are whisked away on Booking Your Honeymoon the day after are weddings. Life as we know it can sometimes get in the way of our fun and it might be a year or two before we get away. Either way when the wedding is all said and done you owe yourself a break. Not only are you going to have to blow off a bit of steam but you are also going to have celebrate your new lives together as husband and wife.

Make it Amazing! The first thing you are going to have to decide is a destination. Everyone of us has our own idea of a dream honeymoon. Some what to go south, some east, some west and some of the crazier couples head north.

Below is our list of the Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations for new couples. No matter where you choose to Booking Your Honeymoon & go have a wonderful time together.


Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations

  1. Mexico – Mexico is famous for their all inclusive resorts and tropical beaches. Book yourselves into a 5 star resort and let the friendly accommodating staff at your resort cater to your every need.
  2. Paris – Paris is a city famous for Love. Take in the beauty and the history that this amazing city has to offer. Make sure you visit the Lourve, the Eiffel Tower, and the Arc de Triomphe.
  3. Cost Rica – Set sale on an adventure meant for two. Aside from the lush resorts of Costa Rica you will find amazing beaches, tropical rainforests, and some truly stunning waterfalls.
  4. Italy – If you are looking for beautiful art, fine food, and romance on your honeymoon then look no further then Italy. Tour Venice, Rome, or Tuscany by day and enjoy a fine glass of vino at night overlooking a stunning sunset.
  5. Thailand – Beautiful temples and amazing beaches await you in our 5th pick for the top 5 honeymoon destinations. You can either take in the Bangkok nightlife or relax on one of the amazing beaches of Phuket. Either way expect to have an amazing time in Thailand.

After you have chosen the perfect destination you are going to have a little bit of planning to do.

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Booking Your Honeymoon Tips

Below we have put together a few considerations you should make before you booking your honeymoon. They aren’t the funnest part of booking a honeymoon but neither is getting sick or hurt abroad.

    • Set A Date – As a couple decide when you want to go and also plan on how long you want to stay.
    • Book Time Off Work – The year of your wedding you will want to be a bit conservative with your holidays. Not only will you want time off for the wedding but you will probably want to take a bit of time off for the honeymoon.
    • Check For Travel Advisories – After you have decided on a destination check to make sure their is not travel advisories for the country.  The United States Passports & International Travel is a great resource for anyone planning a vacation.
    • Visit A Travel Clinic – Try to visit your family doctor or travel clinic 6 months prior to your honeymoon to make sure you are fully vaccinated for any serious health concerns in that country.
    • Place A Travel Insurance Policy – Not every healthcare plan covers you while you are abroad. Make sure you order travel insurance when booking your vacation. Not only can it protect you abroad but in the event something happens before your trip you may be able to claim under your trip cancellation.
    • Buy a selfie stick because you want to take lots of photos of you and your spouse at your honeymoon , this popular self portrait taking device can help you to mount your iphone or camera on a stick for lots of honeymoon photos instead of asking other strangers to take photos for you! This is a must have for your honeymoon.



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