Building A Wedding Website

Building A Wedding Website

With the invention of the personal computer and the popularity of the internet it was inevitable that the wedding industry would have to make a couple changes here or there.Through social media a lot of couples will announce their engagement to the world without even knowing it. Such was our experience when we got engaged. We were engaged on a Friday and by Monday morning everyone we worked with knew about our engagement. We weren’t actually planning on making a big announcement at work right away but technology took care of it for us. We didn’t think much about it but when we updated our status on social media to engaged and the news of our engagement spread like wildfire. Not only did we hear from people at work but we also got some calls from family we hadn’t heard from in years. So if you are planning on eloping try not to update any of your profiles until you are ready to announce it to everyone. Building A Wedding Website would be a smart way to announce your big news to the world!

Why You Should Have a Wedding Website

The main reason to Building A Wedding Website is to share information with other people about your wedding news. The intent of a wedding website should be to share with your friends and family information about how you to met, how you got engaged, and about your wedding. The wedding website will also allow you to share personal photos, quotes, and information about your wedding.

Sections Of Building A Wedding Website

coupleYou may be questioning if you can building a wedding website and the answer is yes. Their are several great companies out there that just focus on helping newly engaged couples out with the building of their wedding websites. They make it very easy for you and support you through the process. But if you need some suggestions on what you should include we have given you some of the basics.

  • An Introduction – A good way to start off any wedding website is to introduce yourselves to your guests and your soon to be in-laws. Include photos, quotes, poems that reflect who you are as a couple and as individuals. People really love pictures!
  • The Proposal – You should let everyone know how he proposed. Here you will want to include a photo of the ring and a back story of the proposal.
  • Pre-Wedding Events – Share with people dates and times of engagement parties, bridal showers, pitch in parties and bachelorette party and bachelor party.
  • The Wedding Venues – Under this section you will want to give people the details of your wedding. Let them know the dates, times, and required dress for both the Wedding Ceremony and the Wedding Reception. Here you can also post any updates if you have any last minute changes.
  • Important Links – Under important links you will want to share with people links to resources they may have need to use in your area. You will want to recommend to them hotels in the area, car services, flower shops, etc.
  • Wedding Registry – Here you will want to share the stores you have registered with for your wedding.
  • Contact Us – Share your emails, phone numbers, social media handles on how people can get in touch with you.
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Boho Bride Headband

Recommended Wedding Website Templates

For building your site we recommend the following website templates.

They offer different styles wedding website templates to newlyweds like yourselves. Its really hard to beat around under $100 or $300 dollars for a wedding website these days especially when you are on a budget. One of the benefits to this site is you can match it to the theme of your wedding style and easily update your wedding information , wedding photos and wedding registry information.  After the wedding, you can change your website or blog into a lifestyle blog to record every precious moments of your life and share your hobby and interests with family and friends even the entire world!


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