Buying Flowers For A WeddingBuying Flowers For A Wedding

Buying flowers for a wedding can be a lot of fun. It can also get very expensive very quickly. This is one area when you are shopping for your wedding that can get out of hand if you let it. Fresh flowers can add a lot of beauty to any wedding but really so do the less expensive paper decorations. Think back at every wedding you have been to. Do you remember a floral arrangement? Probably not. Like any aspect of planning your wedding choose your battles and decide where you should be spending money and where you should be saving money.Before you head out to the florist do a bit of browsing online for ideas. Find some arrangements, flowers, and colors that will match your style of wedding. For future reference you will want to print off some photos of the arrangements and flowers that you truly want. When it comes buying the flowers for your wedding you really have two options. You can hire a professional florist to make your arrangements or you can Buying Flowers For A Wedding and  arrange them yourself.

If you choose to go through a florist try to set up a consultation about 8 months in advance of your wedding date. Florists do have a busy season just like anyone else working in the wedding industry. Depending upon where you live you may find some of the good wedding professionals book up quickly for the summer. When it comes time to have your appoint with the florist you will want to bring two things. The photos of the arrangements you just printed off and also your check book. It is not uncommon for the florist to ask for a deposit at this point and you should expect to put down a 25% deposit.

The next option you have is to do your own floral arrangements. This will take a bit of work on your part but in the end it should save a lot of money not having to pay a professional to do the job you could most definitely do.

Below you will some more information that will assist you in Buying Flowers For A Wedding and doing your own arrangements.

Buying Flowers For The Engagement

Wedding FlowersYou have bought the ring and now you want to make your proposal something special. One way you can do this is to not only propose with the ring but also offer her flowers as well. Most girls love flowers and nothing is more romantic to a girl then receiving a dozen red roses from the man she loves. Another thing you may want to do is send her flowers the day of the proposal. It will just seem to be a random act but you are setting her up for the big proposal later on that day.

If you are looking for more ideas on how to propose check out our section called The Wedding Proposal.

Also check out these pros for some ideas on how to pop the question.

Buying Flowers For A Wedding

The Bride – As all eyes are on the bride throughout the wedding her bouquet will be the most beautiful and also the probably most expensive. You may want to spend a bit more on this floral arrangement as it will be featured in a lot of your wedding photos. It is also tradition for brides to toss the bouquet to the single the women at the wedding. It is thought that the lucky lady who catches the bouquet will be the next to marry.

The Maid of Honor and BridesMaids – For the maid of honor and bridesmaids you can either do bouquets or you could also do corsages. You can also adding floral print or lace details to your bridesmaids dresses to give that romantic look for your wedding.

The Groom and Groomsmen – The Groom, Best Man, Groomsmen, and Ring Bearer should all be wearing a single boutineer.

The Flower Girl – Typically wear a corsage and will also be carrying a basket of flowers pedals to spread down the aisle.

The Ring Bearer – Typically wears a single boutineer.

Image 2 of ASOS PETITE Wiggle Dress with Rose Placement Print
PETITE Wiggle Dress with Rose Placement Print
Image 3 of Endless Rose Lace Detail High Neck Blouse
Endless Rose Lace Detail High Neck Blouse

Buying Flowers for The Wedding Ceremony and The Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception FlowersAfter you have bought for the wedding party the flowers you need to buy are mainly to decorate your wedding venues. But before you run out and buy any flowers you should check with your venues to see if their is any restrictions on decorating. Some halls or venues do not allow decorating outside of what they provide.

Common Places You Will Find Flowers At A Wedding:

  •  The Guest Sign in Table.
  • The Lobby of the Hall or Church.
  • Backdrop behind the Wedding Ceremony.
  • Along the sides of the Aisle.
  • Centerpiece for the Bride and Grooms Table
  • The Dinner Tables at the Reception
  • Food Tables at the Reception

Tips To Saving Money on Flowers

  • Ask the florist for a discount or how you can save money on the flowers.
  • Buy your flowers from Costco or discount Supermarkets.
  • Do your own floral arranging.
  • Buy floral arranging books or search online for centerpiece designs.
  • Host a pitch in party to make bouquets or centerpieces.
  • Re-use your flowers for both The Ceremony and The Reception.
  • Give the bridal party corsages vs bouquets.
  • Only buy flowers that are in season.
  • Buy flowers that are grown locally.
  • Choose an outdoor venue that has a garden. They are naturally decorated.
  • Limit the Size of Your Wedding Party.
  • Purchase From Growers Directly

Bridal Brooch Bouquet

The new trend is bridal brooch bouquet,  brooch bouquet is usually made of faux jewelry and silk flower and it can have endless combinations to match your wedding color and wedding theme, personally we think those brooch bouquet looks even more expensive and elegant than real flower bouquet and the best part is it will never wilt like the real flower and you can keep your wedding bouquet as a keepsake. It also look stunning in the wedding photos as well, it’s a must have wedding accessory.


Floral Arrangement Accessories

Below we have put together some products you may find useful when doing your own floral arrangements.

Flower Girl Baskets

Floral Arrangement Books and Guides

Wedding Centerpieces



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