Buying The Perfect Wedding Gift

Buying The Perfect Wedding Gift

It is never easy finding that perfect gift especially when it comes to buying the perfect wedding gift for a loved one. Younger couples can be a little bit easier as they are usually just starting out in life and require small appliances or household goods.  But when we have to buy for an older or shall we say more established couple it gets to be a lot harder to buy something special. The best place you can start shopping for a wedding present is the bride and groom’s gift registry. Usually the bride and groom will chose a store or several stores to register with and select items that they would like to receive as a gifts for their wedding. As gifts are purchased from the list they are checked off or removed so other guests know not to buy them. Almost gone are the days where a bride and groom receive 20 or more of the same model toaster.

So take note when you receive your save the date or wedding invitation of where they are registered and what kind of items they are looking for. If you cannot find it on the invitations check their wedding website or try to talk to a family member or friend you know is attending. Even if you decide not to purchase from the store they are registered with you will at least have an idea of what the bride and groom is looking for and also what color theme they have in there home. You can also look online for more unique chic Amazon Wedding Gifts, even handmade wedding gifts from Etsy (CA) , Swarovski (US),The Jewel Hut (US),

Traditional Wedding Gift Ideas

In the past most brides and grooms lived with their families until their wedding day. The honeymoon was usually a young couples first experience living together without their parents rules or possessions. It is no wonder that traditional wedding gifts usually center around a home.  Even though a lot of couples today live together before they are married traditional wedding gifts are still requested by most brides and grooms.

Below are some more Traditional Wedding Gift Ideas to help you find that perfect something.

  • Small Decorative Furniture or Accents – If you know their style, taste, and household color themes you may want to buy the bride and groom some smaller furniture or accents for their new life together. This would include a table lamps, end tables, or candle sticks. Most young couples can only afford the essentials when they are starting out. So getting a few decorative pieces can make an empty house feel more like home. You will want to have these gifts delivered to the home one month after the wedding so the bride and groom don’t have to leave the wedding in a moving van.


King & Queen pillow covers,Personalized wedding Pillowcase,Crown pillow cover,couple cushion,wedding gifts for couple,engagement gift27093
King & Queen pillow covers,Personalized wedding Pillowcase



  • Small Appliances – Life gets pretty busy when you are starting a new family so any convenience to cut down on cooking and cleaning is always a welcomed gift for newly weds. This would include mixers, grills, or even a new vacuum. Again have this type gift delivered to their home within a month of the wedding.


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Talking Tables Love Light
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Paperchase Wedding Passport Set



    • Cash or Gift Cards – Is definitely an option for a hard to buy for couple. After you pay for a wedding it is always nice to have a bit of money in your pocket. Money can have a bit of a stigma as a gift. If you give to much it may cause the bride and groom to feel awkward. If you give to little. You get labeled that “Cheap Guy”. Gift Cards do make good option to giving cash as most people do not have focus so much on the value as they do with cash. Cash and gift cards can be brought to the wedding in a card or they should be mailed with in a month of the wedding.

Etsy (CA)gift cards

Etsy (CA)

Trendy Wedding Gift Ideas

Paying for a wedding and starting a new life together can be a challenge for most modern brides and grooms.  After the honeymoon is over most couples are looking at buying a home and starting a family. Life at this point can be really expensive. Some younger couples elect to set up accounts where cash gifts can be given towards what they need. A modern trend for brides and grooms that have everything is to have their guests make a charitable donation in their name to their favorite charity.

  • Honeymoon Funds – Are a great service you will see more and more young couples using today. Essentially the bride and groom register with a company that sets up a trust account to help them raise money for their honeymoon. Instead of giving more traditional gifts all the guest deposit money into this account. They money the bride and groom raises helps to pay for their dream getaway.
  • Home Builder Funds – Is another great option for young couples starting out. An account is set up by the bride and groom to be used towards building or renovating their new home. Again instead of giving a traditional wedding present guest deposit money into this account.
  • Charitable Donations – Is a great gift for a more established couple or that couple that has everything. Instead of giving a gift you make a donation to the charity of there choice. It really is an honor on your wedding day to know that someone in need received a meal, a home, or an education because of your marriage.

Personalized Wedding Gifts

When we have a really close relationship with the bride and groom sometimes we want to give a gift that carries some sort of sentimental value. We want to attach a feeling, an emotion, or a memory to the gift we are about to give them. The internet has allowed us to do this right from the comfort of our own homes. Below you will find a list some online stores that we recommend that will allow you to customize gifts for the bride and groom so that you can give a gift from the heart.

Recommended Stores

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