Buying Wedding Bands

Buying Wedding Bands

Buying Wedding Bands have a deep history that goes all the way back to ancient Egyptian times. This tradition has made its way all the way to our present and and is carried out by brides and grooms just like yourselves. Their is a lot of symbolism behind your wedding bands as it relates to your love and marriage. Take for example the ring shape of the band. The ring is circular which means it has no end. This is just like any great love which is never ending. The metals we use in our wedding bands are both precious and rare. This symbolizes the lasting love that a married couple has for each other. It is both precious and rare. With online shopping you can easily find elegant and affordable wedding bands, popular websites for Buying Wedding Bands are Amazon , Etsy (CA) , Swarovski (US),The Jewel Hut (US),

After your wedding day you will wear your wedding band for the rest of your lives to show the world the commitment you have for one another. The Wedding Bands for both the bride and groom is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. It was thought that their was a vein in this finger that goes right directly to your heart. For the ladies you will wear your wedding band at the base of your ring finger. Your engagement ring will be worn on top of the wedding ring and as the years go on you will add an anniversary ring.

Wedding Band Options For The Brides

Wedding Bands With Diamonds –  Much like the band has symbolism so does a diamond. Diamonds symbolize forever. They are considered to be virtually indestructible just like the love you two share

White Gold Wedding Bands – Are the most popular wedding bands of modern times. They are rhodium plated and the require re-dipping every now and again.



Yellow Gold Wedding Bands – Yellow Gold is a timeless classic. Consider 14k gold over 18k gold for wedding rings. 14k is more durable and will hold up to the day to day wear.

Platinum Wedding Bands – More expensive then white gold but also a lot stronger. If you are an active couple consider this to be a good investment.

Wedding Band Options For The Grooms

White Gold Wedding Bands – Just like for the brides white gold is the most popular wedding band for men today.

Yellow Gold Wedding Bands – A modern take on the yellow gold wedding band is for men is to add diamonds.

Platinum Wedding Bands – Do not have to be re-dipped in rhodium like the white gold rings. These rings are very durable and strong.

Tungsten Steel Wedding Bands – Also extremely strong rings yet they very affordable. One thing to consider though is they cannot be re-sized later.


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Buying Wedding Bands
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