Decorating A Wedding Ceremony

Decorating A Wedding Ceremony

Decorating a wedding ceremony should be one of the funnest parts to planning your wedding. In some cases our lucky brides and grooms will chose a venue that comes already decorated for a wedding. Those of you who chosen to have a Church or wedding hall ceremony probably don’t have a lot of decorating to do. But for those other brides and grooms though you will have to do a bit of shopping and prep work before the big day. Throughout your planning of how to Decorating A Wedding Ceremony stay focused on the theme of your wedding. A good mix of flowers and paper should be used to bring out the best of the venue.

Remember though you can over decorate. Less is usually more when it comes to Decorating A Wedding Ceremony and more is usually too much. Choose a beautiful venue and the decorations will only be needed to accent its beauty.

Decorating A Wedding Ceremony On A Budget

Below are a few tips to help you save some money while decorating a wedding ceremony venue.

    • Use Paper Instead of Real Flowers – Flowers are incredibly beautiful but they can also be extremely expensive. Where possible try to switch real flowers out for paper. It’s a lot less expensive and it is not going to hurt as much when you have to throw out after the wedding.
    • Choose A Venue That Is Naturally Beautiful – Gardens, parks, and golf courses all provide the perfect back drop for wedding photos. If you are planning a summer wedding chose a venue that is outdoors with lots of flowers, trees, and shrubs. It is the most environmentally friendly and free way to decorate for your wedding ceremony.
    • Plan A Holiday Wedding – As the old song goes Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.  If you are planning a winter wedding book it around Christmas. The halls will be already be decked out with Christmas decorations which will save you big on Decorating A Wedding Ceremony.
    • A Family or Neighbor Affair – Country weddings held in barns, fields, or rural homes are always in style. The clash between an elegant wedding and the rustic charm of the country makes for a truly memorable day for everyone. Call up those friends and family members who are a little bit country and see if you could host your wedding ceremony on their property.
    • Shop Online – Search out your wedding decorations online before you run out and buy them in stores. Doing a little bit of homework never killed anyone. From the comfort of your home you will know exactly what you want and how much it should cost. Popular online websites are Amazon wedding decoration , Etsy (CA) ,LBC Living (US).
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Below Are Some Essentials That Every Wedding Ceremony Needs

Wedding planning books – Take your wedding planner with you on the go with one of these great books. Books not only provide tips to plan your wedding but they also are filled with amazing wedding photos that will inspire you to plan your own dream wedding. The following books are selected because it has unique wedding decoration ideas on trendy weddings like rustic wedding, vintage wedding, barn wedding, country wedding and beach wedding ideas. You can also download the wedding planning kit to keep your wedding tasks organized.


Wedding Cameras and Equipment – Save money on your wedding photos by buying your own camera and turning that amateur photographer you know into a professional wedding photographer. Disposable wedding cameras are super trendy because each guest can capture your special moments from their own unique perspective, it will make great wedding photos other than the wedding photographer. Go-pro camera is another trendy camera to use to capture those romantic moments of your wedding, you can easily attach the go-pro camera to different object such as the ring pillow, the flower girl basket to get special angles video of your wedding.

Wedding Decoration Ideas – Fill your venue with both modern and traditional wedding decoration. Bells, Doves, Flowers and Love! The most important part of wedding decoration is to make everything a theme you like, if you have a country wedding, you might want to incorporate rustic birch tree, barn wood, mason jars,burlap and lace elements to your wedding decoration, If you are planning a vintage wedding then the elegant crystal chandelier, crystal wedding cake stand, gold sequins tablecloth,  rhinestone wedding card box will add that old time glamour to your vintage wedding.



Wedding Guest Books – Have your guests sign into your wedding with one of these great and creative guest books. Other than the traditional guest books , we find that Etsy (CA) offers the most eye catching guest book options like customizable wood engraved guest book ,  rustic wood guest advise box, guest advise canvas art, guest book advise monogram sign,  guest book advise shadow box… You can go to Etsy (CA) for more wedding decoration ideas and inspiration. We are sure the creativity of their products will pleasantly surprise you.



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