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Trendy Bridal Veils are one of the most important part of your wedding day look. It can add romantic and sheer mystery beauty to the bride. The long wedding veil sends out traditional and classic vibe and birdcage veil is super modern and cute. We hand picked some Different Types Of Wedding Veils for you to choose according to your wedding style and your personality. The Different Types Of Wedding Veils usually defined according to the length of the wedding veils and the style of the wedding.


Birdcage veil

The birdcage veil is the shortest and the most modern of The Different Types Of Wedding Veils. It looks great on a tendy bride with short hair especially, It really emphasize the beauty of your eyes and lips. The birdcage veil tulle or a blusher veil also goes well with a short wedding dress , high neckline wedding dress ,mermaid wedding dress or A-line wedding dress.

Shoulder length veil

The shoulder length veil is still very modern but a bit more traditional compared to birdcage veil. Shoulder length wedding veil is normally around 20inches long. The should length veil is perfect for wedding dress has open back , has lace,rhinestone or pearl details around the bust and shoulder area.

Elbow length veil

Elbow length veil is around 25 inches, it falls around the elbow area. It’s a great choice to a ball gown wedding dress or A-line wedding dress because it enhances the curves of your waist area. The elbow length veil looks great for a vintage wedding dress.

Fingertip length veil

Fingertip length veil is around 35 to 40 inches long and it goes well with most wedding dress styles. It’s one of the most popular wedding veil for brides. The long and flowy fingertip veil is perfect for an romantic beach wedding or vintage country wedding.


Waltz length veil

Waltz length veil is also referred as a ballet length veil, it just brushes the floor at the length around 72 inches. Waltz veil is very romantic and it’s perfected for a long wedding gown. It looks stunning in wedding photos as well especially in the wind, It will add so much romance.


Chapel length veil

Chapel length veil is slightly shorter than the cathedral length veil, it’s around 90 inches. The chapel length veil is fairly formal for a wedding dress with a train. It’s a great choice for a church wedding or elegant garden wedding.

Cathedral length veil

Cathedral length veil is the longest and the most formal wedding veil. It’s normally around 120 inches long and some up to 9 feet along the ground. It goes well with full length wedding dress. Cathedral veil will bring out a formal and royal feeling to your fairytale wedding ceremony.

The other Different Types Of Wedding Veils are blusher veil, two-tier veil, mantilla veil, pouf veil and Juliet cap veil.

Blusher veil

Two-tier veil

Mantilla veil

Pouf veil

Juliet cap veil

Juliet cap veil was popular in the 1920s around The Great Gatsby time, but now this timeless elegant wedding veil is coming back. It’s a great choice for trendy brides who loves the  glamorous Gatsby wedding and 1920s inspired Art Deco vintage wedding styles.

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Johnny Loves Rosie Blush Occasion Hat with Mesh Veil

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Different Types Of Wedding Veils
Different Types Of Wedding Veils according to the length of the wedding veils and the style of the wedding. From Birdcage veil to Cathedral length veil, from blusher veil to Juliet cap veil.