Planning A Fall Wedding

Planning A Fall Wedding

There is something magical about planning a fall wedding. The lowered temperatures and falling leaves make some people feel content and laid back. So many creative options are available to couples planning a fall wedding.

Fall Wedding Ideas

Choosing seasonal save-the-date-cards and even fall wedding invitations is fun and easy to do for a fall wedding. It serves as a visual reminder to guests as to when the wedding is, in addition to the text included in the card and invitations. It can also put the couple in a relaxed mood, which is essential when planning any wedding.

Since the weather is often conducive to it, many couples choose to have their fall wedding held outdoors. A great thing to do for an outdoor wedding this time of year is to make throw blankets available to guests during the fall wedding ceremony and autumn wedding reception, if both are being held outside. Many brides also choose to provide each of their bridesmaids gift with a pashmina that they can wear to look stylish and stay warm at the same time. For both guests and the wedding party it is a great idea to set up a coffee/hot cocoa warming station for the reception. Being able to sip on hot drinks will serve to make everyone more comfortable and also provide them with something delicious.

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Keeping Your Wedding Guests Comfortable and Happy

Even if a couple chooses not to offer a warming wedding dessert table at their reception there are still creative ways to provide their guests with warm drinks. Seasonal tea flavors as well as apple cider are great beverages to serve at a fall wedding reception. Couples can even let their guests choose between hot and cold tea and hot and cold cider. Pumpkin and apple pie are also seasonal treats that couples can serve at fall wedding reception. This is a great money saving alternative to serving the traditional wedding cake. Pumpkin flavored muffins and cider flavored muffins and donuts also make a great choice. Couples have a lot of food and drink options when planning a fall wedding party.

Seeing Is Believing When It Comes To Autumn Wedding Invitations

Hosting A Fall Wedding Indoors Or Outdoors

Whether a couple is holding their fall wedding outdoor or indoors it can be a nice touch to have their wedding pictures taken outside. The backdrop nature provides during the fall season will add a warm and cozy feeling to each wedding picture taken.

Fall wedding favors can be very easy since it’s the season of harvest, you can give local jam wedding favor, honey wedding favor, candle wedding favor, tea wedding favors, candied apples would also make awesome sweet wedding favors.

This elegant Autumn leaves Vintage Wedding invitation is perfect for fall brides. Old Fashion damask background and glowing glamourous gold ribbon with rich brown and golden fall leaves background simply make this invitation an idea selection for your vintage wedding invitation , Paris Wedding invitation, country wedding invitation ,autumn wedding , fall wedding invitation , destination wedding invitation ,romantic wedding invitation needs!

Decorating For A Fall Wedding

Seasonal décor is a wonderful addition to any fall wedding whether it is held inside or outside. Choosing centerpieces for a fall wedding is very easy to do as is decorating the aisle the bride walks down. The aisle can be decorated with colorful leaves as opposed to traditional flowers. For an outdoor wedding decorations some creative couples take hay bales, cover them in blankets and use them as seating for their guests. It is a good idea to inform guests in advance if this is the kind of seating that will be provided.

Putting all of these ideas into place makes planning a fall wedding a smooth procedure for everyone involved. Many couples choose to embrace the nature when planning a fall wedding.

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