Planning A Summer Wedding

Planning A Summer Wedding

A summertime wedding can be very appealing to many couples. In fact, the summer months are the ones that consistently see the largest number of weddings throughout the year. Couples who choose to have a beach wedding almost always schedule it for the summer season. So many choices that must be made are influenced by the season in which the wedding is taking place.


Summer Wedding Ideas

Couples often choose an entirely white color scheme for their summertime wedding. It gives off a clean and crisp feel that many couples find appealing. This also makes it easier than normal to choose flowers for the wedding since every color goes with white. Many times lilies and orchids are the chosen wedding flowers for a summertime wedding because they can endure the heat that the season brings with it.

Planning A Summer Wedding decoration can be enhanced using fresh vegetables and fruits that are in season. Filling vases with bright, fresh lemons and apples brings a wonderful burst of color to any summertime wedding. These fruits make a good choice because they will not wilt in the sun.

Image 1 of Body Frock Bridal Orchid Jumpsuit
Body Frock Bridal Orchid Jumpsuit
string of lights rustic wedding invitation invitation
string of lights rustic wedding invitation invitation by jinaiji
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string of lights rustic wedding invitation
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Catering A Summer Wedding Reception

Choosing the food to serve at a summertime wedding should involve selecting airy, light dishes such as mixed greens and fruit salads. Cold soup is also a popular food choice for any summertime wedding reception . Gazpacho soup can be served with red, yellow and green tomatoes. For a hearty main course a great choice is halibut or grilled tuna. Couples that have a large budget, or have allocated much of their budget for food, often serve shrimp, lobsters and oysters to guests. To offer an alternative to seafood many couples include grilled vegetables and chicken on the menu. Serving various flavors of sorbet between courses gives guests a tasty way to clean their palate.

The drink choices for a summertime wedding reception should include cool non-alcoholic drinks, especially if the wedding is outdoors. Juice and lemonade stations make a great addition to any summertime wedding party and will please children and others who can’t or won’t drink alcohol. When it comes to the alcoholic drinks served they should include watermelon flavor in drinks such as martinis, vodka and mojitos.

Whimsical Floral Wreath on Craft Paper Wedding

This wedding invitation collection features rustic hand drawn flowers arranged in a wreath on a craft paper background. A ribbon banner adds a vintage feel. This set is perfect for spring wedding and summer weddings.


Wine Bottle Guest Book Kit with Custom Laminated Labels for Weddings plus Easel
Wine Bottle Guest Book Kit with Custom Laminated Labels for Weddings plus Easel

Getting Married? This wine bottle guest book kit with personalized labels is a unique alternative to the traditional guest book.

Your guest will sign your favorite bottles of wine instead of a traditional guest book, and on your milestone anniversaries you can drink the wine and read your guests’ well wishes. What a great way to be able to reminisce about your wedding day, and have an eternal keepsake as well.





Wedding Cakes For Summer Weddings.

It is very important for the wedding cake to be able to survive the heat of summer. Couples are strongly advised not to display or serve their wedding cake outside. Even if the summer wedding ceremony is outside the cake cutting should take place inside. If it is preferable or necessary to display and serve the wedding cake outdoors it should be decorated with buttercream rather than fondant, because fondant will melt in the heat. Popular cake flavors for a summertime wedding include orange and lemon. The filling of the cake can either be a very light ice cream or a berry filling. Chocolate and other heavy flavors don’t do well at summertime weddings.

Making dreams of a summertime wedding into a reality involves knowing what will make guests and wedding participants as comfortable and happy as is possible.

Image 1 of ALDO Wedding Cake Cross Body Bag
ALDO Wedding Cake Cross Body Bag

Image 3 of ALDO Wedding Cake Cross Body Bag


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