Shopping For a WeddingBelow you are going to find another one of’s lists to help to keep you on track to planning your dream wedding.  We need to figure out the basics to shopping for a wedding. As we said earlier in The Wedding Checklist we recommend all couples start doing their shopping research online. Even if you plan to do 100% of your shopping locally do your homework before you hit the stores. Researching what you need to buy for your wedding online is 100% pressure free and you can do it from the comfort of your home. As soon as you go into a store you are going to feel a bit of pressure or obligation to buy something. At home you are not going to have this problem. This research you do will allow you to see what the current trends are and what options you have available to you for theme of wedding you are planning.  Starting your search online will also help you set and stick to your budget. You are going to have a huge advantage going into the stores knowing what you want and knowing what things should cost.

The Shopping For A Wedding Checklist

The Wedding Proposal

The Wedding Guest List

Wedding Invitations

The Wedding Party

Dressing The Bride

Dressing The Groom

Dressing the Bridesmaids

Dressing the Groomsmen

Dressing The Flower Girl

Dressing The Ring Bearer

Gifts For The Wedding Party

The Last Night

The Wedding Ceremony

The Wedding Reception

The Honeymoon