Why Smart Brides Shop At Etsy

Why Smart Brides Shop At Etsy

If you are in the middle of planning your dream wedding and you don’t know why smart brides shop at Etsy well that’s ok you just don’t know Etsy. Throughout our article below we are going to try and help you get to know Etsy a little bit better and also show you how they can help you plan an amazing wedding.

Any grooms that made it here looking for wedding planning advice we are sorry we assumed that the brides do all the shopping. We are glad you are here and we want you to be a smart groom. Actually we want you to be a smart couple. Planning a wedding can be an emotional experience and sometimes both the budget and plan go right out the window. Since most relationships end because of fighting over money we want to give you the best chance at happy life together. One where you get the wedding you want but don’t overload and burden yourselves with debt.


What Most Young Couples Struggle With

The first thing you are going to learn is that planning a wedding is unbelievably expensive. Over the next few months or even years of planning your dream wedding you are going to be faced with expenses that you probably would have ever imagined. Everyone you talk to will want a deposit and they are usually looking cash only.

Ever dream of buying a $500 cake? Probably not!  But get ready as you are about to find out just how much a bakery can charge for dried out cake that is elegantly decorated in fondant icing.

As unfortunate as it is this very special day you have been dreaming of your entire life is going to be limited to your budget. As a young couple you need to think about the future you are planning together. You need to plan for future expenses like having children, buying a new home, or even booking your honeymoon. Life is about to get very expensive for you both. So finding a few ways to save a little bit on your wedding will help you prepare for all the really big expenses you have coming up in the near future.

The second thing we hear from most young couples is that it is extremely difficult to find exactly what they are looking for. Local wedding boutiques for the most part sell what most people in the wedding industry call “vanilla wedding products”. They are your typical generic products with white frills, they lack any type of personality or charm, and are marked up three times higher then what they should be legally allowed to charge you.

Image 4 of ASOS BRIDAL Lace Bandeau Midi Prom Dress With Crop Jacket
ASOS BRIDAL Lace Bandeau Midi Dress With Crop Jacket
Wedding Bridal Lace White Nail Wraps

We Are Here To Help

We here at Inn2Weddings.com understand that is everyone one is an individual out there and that when a couple is planning their dream wedding they want to add a bit of their own flavor to the day. We completely understand that your wedding day is your day to showcase your style both as individuals and also a newlywed couple.

We want to help you to make this happen and hopefully we can give you some options that will keep you stylish and on budget.

Challenges You Face

So here are the challenges we have to work with.

  • You Want A Theme That Expresses Your Individuality and Your Style As A Couple.
  • You Want Classy Well Made Products That Fit Your Theme. (We are guessing you want them at a great price too?)
  • You Want To Have The Perfect Wedding Day.

Considering we just met you are asking for a lot! Just kidding aside from the weather we think we can point you in the right direction.

To Know Them Is To Love Them

The reason we feel Etsy is a great fit for your wedding planning needs is they are a truly unique and ethical company. Etsy works with some of the most creatively gifted designers from around the world and some of the most beautiful and unique Items they have are for weddings. Since they have such a talented and diverse group of designers almost any item for any theme of wedding could be found on Etsy. So no matter what you are dreaming up for this fairy-tale ending they probably have exactly what you are looking for.

We also have found that a lot of the sellers on Etsy are great to deal with and very accommodating when it comes to minor changes and customizing a product. The sellers on Etsy are very approachable and most respond to emails very quickly. So check them out and don’t be shy about emailing them any questions you may have. They may be waiting to help a nice couple like you two with that special item.

Examples Of Wedding Themes You Can Find On Etsy

Below are just a few of the wedding themes that Etsy designers have built some amazing products around. Etsy is also a great website for wedding inspiration and catching up on the latest trends. You are free to browse 24 hours a day and 7 days a week from the comfort of your own home.

Traditional Weddings

Rustic Weddings

Country Weddings

Vintage Weddings

Beach Weddings

Deco Glam Weddings

Ethnic Weddings


OffBeat Weddings

Start Your Wedding Shopping Online

We always recommend that before any couple venture out into crazy world of local wedding boutiques you start your wedding shopping online. Get a feel for what you want and how much it should cost you. Online retailers and companies like Etsy are not paying for expensive rent on storefronts across the country. They are also not paying the salaries of high pressure sales people who are going to tell you need to spend more than you actually do. Etsy allows you to shop pressure free and from the comfort of your own home.

We do encourage that after you have seen what is online to get together with your girls and hit up the local boutiques. It’s the best part of the wedding planning process and we would hate to see you miss out on that. But a little bit of pre-shopping prep work will help you to stick to your budget and find the perfect accessories for the theme of wedding you are planning.

Great Wedding Products From Etsy

Below we have put together just a small sample of what Etsy and their designers have for weddings.

Smart Brides Shop at Etsy For Wedding Planners

Etsy offers a huge selection of products when it comes to wedding planners, wedding binders, wedding checklists, and printable wedding planning checklists to help you get organized and make your wedding planning a lot more easy and enjoyable!

Smart Brides Shop at Etsy For Wedding Services

Other than physical wedding products, Etsy also offers and array of virtual wedding services such as wedding website templates. It is amazing you can get your own wedding website for less than $100 dollars and share your love story with the entire world!  The sellers of Etsy also offer a wedding speech writing service and for those of you with a sweet tooth a service to order custom wedding cookies. The best wedding planner for you is You! And by planning your own wedding you can save thousands of dollars that you can use for your dream honeymoon vacation!

Smart Brides Shop At Etsy For Wedding Invitations

Etsy has a wonderful variety of themed wedding invitations. They come with a top quality design and at only a fraction of the cost that you would be charged by your local print shop. The best part is that you can contact the seller directly for any custom work that you require to suit your wedding theme, wedding colors, or personal taste. If you are one of those DIY Brides, Etsy offers tonnes of printable wedding invitation designs to fit almost any theme you could be planning. With designs as low as $20 dollars you will get the design you want, be able to print it at home, and be able to add any personal touch from that crafty style of yours! By printing it at home you will save hundreds of dollars that can be used to help pay for your wedding photos.

Smart Brides Shop At Etsy For Wedding Dresses

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be a challenge. If you have your heart set on buying a dress for thousands of dollars by all means shop locally. If you are OK with spending a little bit less or have a tighter budget take a look online. The designer dresses you will find on Etsy can be customized to suit your taste. They also come with honest and open feedback from other shoppers.

Smart Brides Shop At Etsy For Wedding Accessories

From wedding guest book sets to ring bearer pillows Etsy has your classy well designed weddings accessories covered.  The designs will cover most wedding colors and the prices are more than reasonable.

Smart Brides Shop At Etsy For Wedding Favors

Wedding favors can be a challenge to shop for locally unless you are planning a very simple white wedding. Let the Etsy sellers show you a world of endless possiblities that will have your guests talking about the best wedding they have ever been to.


Smart Brides Shop At Etsy For Wedding Decorations

Great decorations can spruce up any location into a scene from a fairy-tale. Great decorations like you see below will not only look great but they will leave your guest in awe. After your wedding if you are looking to recoup some of your costs why not try to sell them online. Their is a market out there for used decorations and it costs nothing to list them on most classified sites.


Our Final Thoughts

Finally we think that you will feel good about doing business with Etsy. They are one of those new tech companies that not only cares about their customers but they also care about their sellers and they care deeply about the world we live in. When most wedding products are coming from giant corporations only concerned with their bottom line, you can feel good about doing business with Etsy and their sellers. They are just some of those creative types that try to make others happy and happen to make a living doing so.

I think we have put together a pretty compelling argument of why smart couples shop at Etsy.

No we invite you to have a look and see what they have just for you!


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