The final step to planning your wedding is to plan the honeymoon.  Keep in mind your honeymoon should not just be another vacation. Your honeymoon is going to be the beginning of an amazing adventure you two will share for the rest of your lives. Your married life will be adventure full of love, laughs, and a few challenges here or there.  So plan something romantic, plan something fun, and plan something you will remember for the rest of your lives.

You owe it to your partner to make it amazing. No matter the budget you have.

Bride on Honeymoon

Relax You Have Earned A Honeymoon!

The best way to do this is to getaway from all stresses of daily life and the additional stresses you just took on planning and executing the perfect wedding. Whether you plan to get a way for a couple nights in a 5 star hotel or you are planning a trip around the world get out and enjoy each other. For some of us we might leave the day after the wedding others it might take a bit of time to have the official honeymoon. The main thing is to plan something amazing that the two of you can remember for the rest of your lives.




Top Ten Honeymoon Destinations

Here is our top ten for Honeymoon Destinations       Couple on Honeymoon

We had an amazing honeymoon in Southern California. It was the perfect start to a beautiful life we share together.



It’s Always So Hard To Say Goodbye!

Relaxing Honeymoon

Your wedding is going to be amazing! You are going to run into a few minor bumps in the road while planning your wedding. That’s just life! It’s nothing that you can’t overcome. We have a really good feeling about you two! You have something that will last.

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