After you have chosen The Venue it is time to chose a theme for the wedding ceremony. Every wedding including your own will have a theme. Whether you are having a traditional church wedding or a rustic country wedding your wedding will be based around a theme. The basis for any wedding theme essentially comes down to how you plan to dress and decorate for the day.

The Wedding Ceremony

Choosing a Theme For Your Wedding Ceremony

Below are some common examples of wedding ceremony themes.

  • Traditional Church Wedding – Probably the most formal of all the wedding themes. The bride will wear a very formal white wedding gown and a long flowing veil. The groom will be dressed very conservatively in a classic black tux or suit. The church will usually be decorated in whites and silvers.
  • Rustic Country Wedding – Less formal than a traditional church wedding. The bride may wear an off white dress but typically she is dressed in white. The groom may kick it up a notch with a pair of cowboy boots and hat. Colours chosen still are typically white but may have some soft brown undertones to give it a warm country feeling.
  • Destination Beach Wedding – Is our least formal of the group. Brides typically will wear white flowing sun dress and groom may be in a white open colored dress shirt and dress pants. Decorating colors typically are white but may include some soft blues and browns to reflect the sand and surf of the beach atmosphere.
  • Wedding Hall or Chapel – A bit more formal then the destination wedding but colors and styles can vary to the bride and grooms taste. Brides typically wear wedding dresses and the groom will probably wear a suit or tux.
  • Las Vegas Wedding Chapel –  Anything goes in a Vegas Wedding. Hit up the strip in any style or color theme you can imagine. If your really in a hurry stop by one of the local drive-thrus and tie the knot from the comfort of a rented limo.

One thing to remember is nothing is set in stone when decorating for the theme of your wedding. This is your wedding you are planning and everything is up to you. Just know your style will come through in how you plan the theme of your Wedding. It should be pretty amazing!

Buying A Wedding Dress

Outdoor Wedding CeremonyEvery young girl dreams of her wearing an amazing dress to her wedding. Because of this we recommend you take your time and do some research before you head out to your local boutique to buy a dress. Over the last 20 years their have been a lot of advancements in the wedding industry especially with online shopping. So take a good look online and get an idea of what you like, what is trendy, and what the dress should cost. If you are on a tight budget and renting a dress sounds gross to you shopping online is a great alternative renting. But if you decide to order online make sure you order as early as possible and you understand that companies return policy. If the dress you receive is not to your liking make sure you can return it. You will also want to have enough time to get it fitted by a local seamstress. Bridal Magazines are another great place to start your search for a wedding dress. These companies employ some of the top people in the wedding industries and you will see what styles are setting trends before they even hit the stores. They will also give you some ideas on how to decorate your venues.

Once you have chosen your perfect wedding dress you want to focus on how you want your bridesmaids to look. Choose colors specifically that compliment your dress and style. All of us have colors that make us look our best. Surround yourself with these colors. Now we got the girls dressed need to dress the groom.

Suit Shopping For Any Groom

Just like the brides wedding dress we recommend the grooms also start their search online. Shop around and get a feel for both the style of suit or tux you want to wear and the cost. Then head out to the local tailor and start shopping. As a groom you want to look sharp but you aren’t there to steal the show. Be very careful choosing your colors and accessories. A red tie might be your style but it may be a bit too much for the wedding. That top hat, cane, and monocle might also sound like a great idea now but take our advice and save it for Halloween. Let your beautiful bride have this day to shine.

If you do find a suit online that you want to order make sure you order it well in advance of the wedding. You will also want to know the return policy as well just in case it is not what you expected or it arrives damaged. Their is a lot of great deals to be had online. Just do your homework, read the reviews of that company, and understand their return policy.

Hey That’s Our Song! Choosing the Perfect Wedding Music.

Another thing you are going to have to consider for your wedding ceremony is the music. The type of music played at your wedding ceremony will come down to the bride and grooms personal taste and also the options you have at your venue. For example if you are having a church wedding the church may have its own organ and player.  If this is the case you may only have choose the arrangement of songs they play. Even though you have dreamed of your Uncle Jim singing at your wedding and he has the voice of an Angel he may still be banned from your church. All we are trying to say is different venues have different options. When you book the venue make sure you ask about what options you have available to you.



Working Out the Seating Arrangement

One more thing you are going to have to consider for the ceremony is who is the seating arrangement. In a more traditional wedding the brides family and friends would sit on one side of the venue and the grooms family and friends on the other side. A more modern approach used today is to have your ushers seat the guests as arrive. You are going to need a couple Ushers at your wedding ceremony to meet, greet, and seat your guests. Your Ushers will also provide your guests with the wedding programs outlining the order of ceremony.

If you are planning a smaller more intimate wedding you may want to ask both sets of your parents to be the Ushers. They can accept all the congratulations for a job well done raising you both. And they should also know who to sit by who for each side of the family.


Now we need to plan The Reception!

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