Ok so the engagement party is over. Hopefully you both survived with a little help from the good people that make Aspirin. Our next step is planning the wedding guest list.

Guests from the Wedding Guest List

Planning Your Wedding Guest List

Unless you plan on eloping this will be one of the hardest parts of planning your wedding. An unfortunate reality to any wedding is it is going to be 50% based upon love and 50% based upon money. For most of us this means that we are not going to have everyone we love, respect, or know there with us. If you think its as easy as not sending everyone an invitation you are Wrong! Dead Wrong! Actually you are going to be amazed at how many people ask you if they are invited. People you hardly even know are going to ask you when you are sending out their invitation. You are going to have to say no to some people. The hardest part is some of the people you say no to are going to be people you care about.

The easiest way to start any wedding guest list is to start with the people who you both need there with you. At the top of your list should be the most important people in your life. This might start your parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, aunts, uncles, cousins and then co-workers. You know who they are put them on the top of your list.

While you are working out your guest list in the back of your mind you should be thinking about the theme of your wedding.

By thinking about how many people you are inviting and what kind of wedding you are planning you can begin to get an idea of what your wedding will cost. Spend a bit of time thinking about the different venues and ceremonies you might like to have. Call around to a few places or check and see if they have a website with a price list.  You are also going to want to have a look at some different catering options and the cost per person. One caterer may be $40 a plate and the next for the same meal may be $80 a plate. Now you should start to get an idea of how many people you can actually afford to have at your wedding.

Wedding Party From Wedding Guest List

Making Cuts To A Wedding Guest List

During this process almost all of us are going to have to make some cuts to our guest lists. When it is time to start cutting people off your list. Start at the bottom. Make sure the most important people are there with you. Most people who aren’t invited will understand. It’s just really hard to find the right way to tell them no. You should probably start working on your excuses right now.

Every guest you remove from your wedding reception will significantly reduce your overall wedding costs. It is one less person you have to feed, entertain, and give a keepsake at the end of the night.

Now that we know who is coming to the wedding we need to let them know that they are invited.

Ordering Wedding Invitations

Once you have narrowed down your list its time to send out your invitations. A great place to start looking for wedding invitations is online. The wedding invitation market has changed drastically over the past 10 years and there are a lot of options available to you outside of the local print shop.  Check out our Invitations section for more information on the do’s, don’ts, and discounts of Wedding Invitations, Save The Dates, Bridal Shower Invitations.

Another thing you should consider is making your own wedding website for your wedding. Click here for some more information on how to make a wedding website.

Let’s Start Planning The Wedding Party!

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