The Reception Wedding Party

Arranging your wedding party is going to be one of the easier and enjoyable steps to planning your wedding. A typical wedding party consists of a Maid of Honor, a Best Man, Some Bridesmaids, Some Groomsmen, a Flower Girl, a Ring Bearer, and maybe even a partridge in a pear tree. But again this is an aspect of planning your wedding that is entirely up to you. When it comes to planning a wedding party you have a lot of flexibility with the cast and characters you recruit. In most cases the bride will choose her maid of honor and bridesmaids. In similar fashion the groom will choose his best man and groomsmen but you can always make exceptions.

The maid of honor and best man play pretty important roles in the supporting the bride and groom through the wedding. That’s usually why the bride and groom will choose a best friend or close family member to stand with them at their wedding.

How Many People Should Be In A Wedding Party

Typically your going to find the size of the wedding party relates to the number of guests you have invited. Like any production you run into a little bit of awkwardness when the audience is smaller then the group of performers on stage.

Below is a little guideline we have put together to help you with the Wedding Party to Guest Ratio.

  • Less then 25 Guests – Typically would be represented by a Best Man and Maid of Honor.
  • 25-50 Guests – Typically would be represented by a Best Man, a Maid of Honor, 4 to 6 Bridesmaids, and 4 to 6 Groomsmen
  • 50 – 150 Guests – Typically would be represented by a Best Man, a Maid of Honor, 6 to 8 Bridesmaids, and 6 to 8 Groomsmen
  • Over 150 Guests – Typically would be represented by Best Man, a Maid of Honor, 8 to 12 Bridesmaids, and 8 to 12 Groomsmen

Flower Girls In The Wedding PartyFor most of the weddings above you will only have 1 Flower Girl and 1 Ring Bearer. But again this is entirely up to you to decide. A lot of weddings with younger families may have 2 or 3 of each. Young children make great photo opportunities and you never know what they are going to say or do.

You have assembled an awesome group of close friends and family to stand with you on your wedding day and now comes the hard part. You have to try and make them look good. Depending upon your friends and family this could turn out to be a real chore. Just Kidding! They will all clean up very nicely for your big day.

How Should I Dress A Wedding Party

Bridal Wedding PartyThe wedding is a big day for any bride. Everything revolves around her and her style on this day. The groom’s suit or tux will compliment the brides dress. The groomsmen and ring bearer will dress in a similar supporting style to the groom. Even the bridesmaids and flower girl will dress in supporting dresses to the brides personal style. Essentially this is what we call The Wedding Dress Hierarchy and as you have probably guessed it the bride sits at the top of this hierarchy. If you choose not to agree with any part of this hierarchy, Bridezilla over there would be more then happy to help you out with your oh so helpful suggestions!

You might have thought we were done with the wedding party. You have dressed them, you are going to feed them, and you have probably had to educate them on the doing whatever the bride wants them to do. What else could they want?

Just a gift of course!

Buying Gifts For The Wedding Party                             Gifts For The Wedding Party

It is customary for the bride and groom to give their wedding parties gifts or keepsakes to show their appreciation for friends and family involved in the wedding. The gift doesn’t have to be overly expensive but it should be from the heart and personalized to commemorate the importance they have in your life.

It’s Never to Early to Start of Your Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties!

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