The Wedding ProposalEventually guys we are going to meet that one special person who we want to share the rest of our lives with. A lot will go through your mind when you big to plan the wedding proposal.  For most of us guys though we never really pictured ourselves as the married type. We are young, rich, and successful!  Every girl we see probably wants to date us.

Marriage! What guy wants to lose half of everything?

Ok let’s stop pretending in Guyland and take a step back into Reality.  Trust me! No one is looking for half of your video game collection and your probably very lucky to have a girlfriend.

Is She The One?

If you made it to our website I’m guessing you have been asking yourself that a lot lately. You have probably been wondering if you could even be married to someone forever. A lot starts to go through your mind when you are thinking about proposing to someone.

It’s not the easiest thing to do. Proposing marriage is one of the first grown up decisions we have to make. In most cases until now when we made commitments we could easily back out of them. This one isn’t so easy to get out of.

Really what you are struggling with is are you ready to grow up and also are you ready to make a lifelong commitment to someone with consequences if you break it.

Take your time. Only you can answer this question.


The Wedding Proposal

Ok so it is time to propose.

The one thing you should know is that marriage is the ultimate commitment you can make to another person. Growing up guys we probably didn’t spend a lot of time planning a wedding or thinking about marriage. But trust me your girlfriend probably did. Almost every young girl dreams of growing up and meeting her Prince Charming. She is looking for a man who will be her best friend. A partner she can trust and share her life with. Guess what? If she is still with you and you are reading this you are that guy. Scary isn’t it? No backing out now though you already chased the other girls off and she is probably out of your league to start with. Try not to screw this up!

During your wedding ceremony we will make this commitment of love to her through your vows.

Wedding Engagement Traditions

Usually our first step is to call our own parents. Our basis for a successful and happy relationship is based on our own parents’ relationship. Our entire life we have seen our parents vows lived out before our eyes. We have seen them create the best of times and we have seen their love overcome the worst of times. You are that fine young man that you are because of the commitment of love your parents made to each other. Out of respect give them first call and let them know that you want to propose to your girl. They got you to this beautiful time in your life. It is the least you could do!

If you are following wedding traditions you now have a very tough call or visit to make.  Your next call our visit should be made to her parents. It is customary to ask your girlfriend’s parents for permission before you propose to her. Before you make that call you really need to think about the commitment that you are making to their daughter before you ask for their permission. That beautiful girl you are about to propose to is also a product of her parents vows.  Not only are you going to want to ask them for their permission but you should really want to tell them why you love her that much. They did an incredible job raising a wonderful girl and they deserve to know it. Remember not only are you committing to love their daughter but you are making a commitment to being their son.

The Cost Of An Engagement Ring

Now let’s get down to the business end of the proposal. Our next step in proposing is trying to find the perfect Engagement Ring. I’m calling this the business end of the proposal because you are going to be spending some of your hard earned money. The average cost of an engagement ring today is around $6000.00. Although you could spend anywhere between hundreds and millions on her ring. Your budget is going be the number one factor in determining the Engagement Ring you buy for her.

In a fairy tale every guy would buy the love of his life the largest diamond on the classiest setting built by the finest jeweller. But in reality most of us are going to have to find the perfect ring for significant other that fits within our budget. You have to remember when choosing a ring that any debt you accumulate is shared with this partner when you become married. Again don’t burry yourself in debt before you even buy your first home. Have a good look a your finances and be reasonable on how much money you can really spend.When you go engagement ring shopping they will always tell you that bigger is always better. As we know guys that’s not the case. It is always about the motion in the ocean!

Seriously though look at where you are in life. Do you need to buy a home? Are you two planning to have children in the near future? What kind of debt do you currently have? How much will the wedding cost? Really ask yourself the hard questions like what video games are coming out next month. Now set a budget and remember their are classy rings in every price range. You just have to do a bit of research and shopping.


How To Pop The Question

Ok we so we now have the permission from the parents and we also have the perfect engagement ring. Now its time to plan the perfect proposal. When it comes down to it its really not that hard if we know the person we love. The first thing you will want to choose is a location. Find something you share in common with this person or an experience you both loved. A love of the outdoors means you may want to propose in a park you both enjoy going to. A first date at a restaurant may be the perfect place for the two of you. Find a place that means something to you both. Next is the easy part . You just have to pop the question. You already prepared for this. What you will want to tell her is what you told your parents about her. Tell her why you love. Also you will want to think back to what you told her parents and share this with her. Let her know why you want to make a commitment to her for the rest of her life. Then all you have to do is ask her to Marry You.

She said YES? Congratulations! Now its time to make an announcement to all your friends and family. There is no better way to share this news happiness then with an engagement party.

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