After you have said your “I do’s” and signed your marriage certificate it is time for your guests to make their way to The Wedding Reception.

Booking A Wedding Photographer

coupleBut before you and your newly appointed spouse make your way to the reception you are going to want to have some wedding photos taken at the venue where you just had your ceremony. Actually your wedding photographer and/or videographer is probably going to follow you both around for the better part of the day and long into the night to record every minute of your wedding. For the wedding photographer you can expect to pay anywhere between $300 and $15,0000. I know! Thanks for narrowing it down for us! Like any professional you hire to work at your wedding you will notice their is a huge difference in the costs. It comes down to where you live, the services they provide, and their experience. When interviewing your photographer/videographers ask for a copy of their contract and compare it to their competitors. You don’t want to find out after the wedding that you just paid $5000.00 for 20 photos and the other 150 all come with a nasty watermark the you can pay extra to have removed. Set up a meeting with them and review their portfolio. If you can check references. Wedding photos and videos can be very expensive for anyone planning a wedding on a fixed budget. An alternative to hiring a professional photographer or videographer is to look around your friends and family for a really great amateur photographer. We all have that one goofy friend who is taking night and weekend courses in photography and usually they aren’t that bad! With the technology available to us now as consumers both in photo editing software and reasonably priced high-end cameras almost all of us can take a good picture now. With that little bit of training that goofy friend yours could probably take and edit some amazing wedding pictures. We personally went this route at our own wedding. For a $1000.00 we got some amazing photos taken by a friend of ours. $700.00 of the $1000.00 went to a new camera. And $300.00 went into turning our amateur photographer friend into a Professional Wedding Photographer.


The Wedding Reception

Catering to Your Wedding Guests

Feed Them and They will Come! Drink Them and They Will Be Drunk!

Nothing works up a guest’s appetite like attending a beautiful wedding ceremony and knowing they’re about to get a free dinner. Not only are your loved ones going to want a great meal they are also probably going to want a couple drinks as well. In some cases we get lucky and the venue we choose for our wedding also takes care of the dinner and the host liquor. If this is the case for you then all you have to decide is buffet or plated and open bar or cash bar. For a lot of us though we have to get out and meet with some caterers in our communities to arrange for the food and drinks at our wedding. One good thing is a lot of restaurants do catering as well. If you have a favourite restaurant you may want to check with them first as you already know the food is great. What you should also do is a little research to see if your community hosts a wedding expo and when it typically occurs. Attending a wedding expos is a great opportunity to connect with wedding professionals in your community. You can meet with not only caterers but also florists, dress makers, and wedding cake designers.

A wedding reception is a time to celebrate and enjoy some time with friends and family. Please do it responsibly though and have some trusted eyes and ears at your wedding to make sure no one drinks and drives. You may want to call around to local taxi companies or car services ahead of time to let them know their is an event going on at the venue. If its a slow night they may send a couple cars over to wait for your guests to leave. Also what you will want to do is check with the management at the reception venue to ensure you have the proper insurance for the event. You need to know that you are responsible for the safety of everyone at your wedding. It is a good idea to also call your insurance broker or company in case you have to arrange for the liability insurance.

Booking Entertainment For A Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception Symbols

Entertain Them Or They Will Drink A Lot! ($$$)

Upon entering the reception hall your Master of Ceremonies will announce you and your spouse to your guests as husband and wife. Yes! You are going to have to appoint an emcee for the night to make announcements and guide your guest through the reception. Usually you can just recruit a close friend or family member who is very comfortable with public speaking.

Throughout the dinner of most wedding receptions members of the wedding party and family of the bride and groom will make speeches or toasts. Some of these will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and some your probably just going to be made fun of. But the one thing you should know is anyone sharing a story or memory of your past is someone who truly cares about you.

Wedding Music and Dancing

The Wedding Reception DanceAnd Now We Dance!

Their is nothing more your drunk, well fed, angelic singing Uncle Jim wants to do more then dance at your wedding. The cost of hiring a DJ is going to be well worth the video footage you are going to get of him shaking what your Grandma gave him. But before you release this caged animal on the dance floor the bride and groom must share the first dance. Choosing the music for the first dance should come pretty easy for the bride and groom. The song should be slow and the tone and lyrics should reflect on the love you have for each other as a couple.

Uncle Jim the floor is now all yours!

Ordering A Wedding Cake on A Budget

Two Tier or Not Two Tier – This is the painful question every bride and groom must ask themselves.

The average cost of a traditional wedding cake can be anywhere between $250.00 – $500.00 but its not unheard of for wedding cakes to cost into the thousands.

Some of the factors that have a drastic effect on the cost of your wedding cake are:

  • The Number Of Tiers You Choose
  • How The Cake Is Decorated
  • The Type of Icing You Choose
  • The Number of People You Need To Serve
  • The Wedding Cake Designer You Hire

We know! Wedding cake doesn’t even taste that good. But the one thing you need to consider is the wedding cake is a huge focal point at almost every wedding. Every guest is going to be looking for it in all its grandeur and big part of traditional weddings is the cutting of the cake. You probably didn’t realize it but your wedding cake is going to be almost as big of a star as you are at your wedding.

Wedding Reception CakeIf you need to save a bit of money on the wedding cakes and having a multi-tiered cake isn’t important to you we have a little trick for you that should save you some money. What you do is call a local bakery and order as many single tiered cakes as you need to feed your guests. We actually did this for our wedding. When you call the bakery don’t tell them its for a wedding though. Whenever you say wedding to a vendor they know they can charge you a lot more. Ask the bakery if they do custom work. If they do ask them how much they charge for it. If it is reasonable set up an appointment with the bakery to order your custom cakes. Before you go into the bakery go online and find some designs of single tiered wedding cakes that you like. Take them to the bakery and order your custom (wedding) cakes. Even if having different tiers is important to you this may still work.  Online you can find a lot of options for tiered wedding cake stands. Most are very affordable and they will showcase your cakes on different levels and heights. We received a lot compliments on how good our “wedding cakes” tasted compared to how they usually taste. The bakery did an amazing job decorating the cakes for us and we were able to buy our wedding cakes for under $100.00.

Let’s Start Planning The Honeymoon!

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