The Wedding Venues

The Wedding Venues

The Wedding Venues you choose for your wedding will showcase of who you are as a couple. It may be an expression of your spiritual side or an expression of your emotional side. It may also come down to family traditions or your budget. No matter where The Wedding Venues are ,enjoy the day and make it one of the most memorable day of your lives. The Wedding like your Marriage will take a lot of patience and planning but if done correctly it will be the beginning of something amazing.
The Wedding Venues

Booking The Wedding Venues

Essentially their are two parts you will need to consider for The Wedding Venues. You will need to book a venue for both The Ceremony and The Reception. In some cases we get lucky and our dream wedding is all at one location. In others we just have to plan for one more stop before your single lives come to a beautiful smashing end. If you are looking to save a little bit of money on your The Wedding Venues try to book the ceremony and the reception at the same location. This will save you from having to pay for The Wedding Venues and it will also cut down on the costs of decorating.


Planning a Wedding By Season

When deciding on The Wedding Venues you should really consider which of the season you want to get married. Some of us dream of having a fall wedding full of rich and warm colors but some of use dream of having a bright and vibrant spring wedding. All the seasons have their pros and cons but really it comes down to what you really want.

For more information on what seasonal wedding will work best for you click below.

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Planning a Religious Wedding

For a lot of people a wedding is a ceremony and a commitment witnessed by God in their place of worship. They have grown up within a Church, a Temple, a Mosque, or Synagogue and their views on family and love were formed within that religion. Different religious have different ceremonies but it basically comes down to a celebration of the love of two people. Sounds like your type of wedding? Well you have a call to make.

After you have let your parents, friends, and family in on the engagement your next call or visit should be made to your Clergyperson. They will act as your spiritual guide through the processes of your wedding. They usually counsel most couples prior to your wedding and they will also advise you on the religious ceremonies to be performed during your wedding. In most cases you will have to pay a fee or you will be asked to make a donation ot the church.

But for those of you not getting married in your house of worship you have a lot to think about when planning The Wedding Venues to host The Ceremony and The Reception.

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What Type of Wedding Should I Plan

Some questions you should be asking yourself are:

  • Do you want to be married in your Community or do you want plan a Destination Wedding?
  • Do you want you want to have an Indoor Wedding or and Outdoor Wedding?
  • Are you planning to Elope or do you want to plan a Large Wedding?
  • What type of Theme Wedding are you planning?
  • Too much work. We’re off to Vegas!

Popular Non-Religious Wedding Ideas

The Wedding Venues to Host Non-Religious Weddings                 beach

  • Local Parks or Beaches
  • Destination Weddings – Mexico, Jamaica, Italy, or Costa Rica etc.
  • Ranch Weddings or Country Weddings
  • Community Halls
  • Hotels or Lodges
  • Justice of the Peace or City Hall
  • Favourite Local Restaurants
  • Family Land or Cabins
  • Las Vegas
  • Niagara Falls
  • Golf Courses or City Gardens
  • Wedding Chapels

Ok so now we have an Idea on The Venue. Lets look a little bit harder at how to plan The Ceremony and The Reception.

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Let’s Start Planning The Wedding Ceremony!

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