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Being a great wedding guest isn’t hard when you understand a few dos and donts to attending a wedding. Understanding the wedding from the bride and grooms perspective is probably the most important thing any guest can do. Not only will you sympathize with the position they are in you will also probably want to make sure you have the perfect Wedding Guest Etiquette. They are going to a lot of expense and trouble to tell you that you are important and they love you.

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It is really a lot of work.


Wedding Invitation Etiquette For Guests

Before you even receive the formal wedding invitation in the mail you will probably receive a save the date card in the mail. Brides and Grooms send these cards about six to twelve months in advance of the wedding to notify their guests of the date of their upcoming wedding. Their really isn’t a written in stone procedure on responding to wedding save the dates but as the great wedding guest you are about to become you will want to reach out to the bride and groom and congratulate them on their engagement. At this point if you know you cannot make it to the wedding let them know as soon as possible. This will give them ample time to either fill that spot on their guest list or it will help them bring down the cost of their wedding slightly. On average it costs brides and grooms approximately $30,000.00 to host a wedding. And yes you being their is one of the biggest costs of the wedding.

You can make it? Great! If you have to take time off for the wedding now is the best time to book it off at work.

guestAs a wedding guest you should expect to receive the formal invitation in the mail eight to twelve weeks in advance of the wedding. The formal wedding invitation will include all the information you need to know to attend. It will confirm the dates and times of the wedding for both the ceremony and the reception. The wedding invitation will also confirm the addresses for each of the events you are invited to attend. Another thing you will probably receive is the RSVP card. It is the Wedding Guest Etiquette to complete that card and return to the bride and groom as soon as you can. The R.S.V.P card is the final confirmation to the bride and groom that you will be attending their wedding. Do the bride and groom a favor and send this back as soon as you can. At the latest though make sure it is in the mail five to six weeks in advance of their wedding. The bride and groom have to confirm guest numbers with their vendors about a month in advance. You don’t want them to be charged for you if for some reason you can’t make it. Your dinner alone is probably costing them about $50.00.

One very important note about wedding invitations is to take note of who is actually invited. It may be you alone. It maybe you plus one. It might be your entire household. Just don’t make any assumptions. Confirm with the bride and groom if you have any questions about who is actually invited. It’s really not that they don’t care about you being happy at their wedding or that they want to leave people out. Weddings are extremely expensive especially for young couples starting out.  Sometimes they just cant afford to have everyone there with them on that date. Cutting people you love off of your Guest List because you cant afford to have them at wedding is an incredibly hard thing to do.

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Get Organized And Be Punctual

If you want to be great at anything you have to stay on top of it.  This is 100% true even when it comes to attending a wedding. Even though it sounds like a lot of work it really isn’t.

Below are a few tips to help you have the best Wedding Guest Etiquette.

  • Keep The Invitations In a Safe Place – Not only are the invitations beautiful but the are also full of information you will need. Plan to keep these in a safe place until after the wedding. You may need to confirm the dates, times, and locations a few times before the big day.
  • Check Out Their Wedding Website or Blog – Most couples set up a wedding website or blog. Make a point to check it out and if you can post a couple words of encouragement to them. They will appreciate it. These websites and blogs are good sources for up to date information. Check them frequently for any updates or changes.
  • Add Everything To Your Phone – Make sure you add phone numbers, dates, times, and addresses to your phone. Set yourself reminders a day or two before important events. We all get busy through out the year.
  • Arrive Early – The day of the wedding give yourself lots of time to get to both the wedding ceremony and the reception. Plan your routes and try to be at either event twenty to thirty minutes early.
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