Wedding InvitationsAs you have probably just found out narrowing down a wedding guest list is no easy task. I’m going to grab myself a glass of wine. If you haven’t already done so you should too. Next we are going to look at wedding invitations.

Cheers! You just got through one of the hardest parts of planning your wedding and now we will follow it up with something that is a lot more fun.

It is time that you start shopping for your wedding invitations.

Buying Wedding Invitations

The next step in Our Shopping List is to show you some options in how to order and buy invitations in today’s wedding market place. Again do your research at home. See what is available to you, how much it should cost, and what the current trends are.

We really have three options when it comes to shopping for wedding invitations.

  • Shop Locally – Visit your local print shops and wedding retailers. We cant help you too much with this option. Just get out there and see what is available in your community.
  • Shop Online – Order Online from a reputable Print On Demand Company. Click Here for more info on print on demand and some companies we recommend.
  • DIY Wedding Invitations – Boy your crafty! Click here to see some options you have for DIY Wedding Invitations.

Now you are probably asking yourself what do I send and when do I send it.

Wedding Save The Dates

The best place to start is to select and send out your Save The Dates. Save The Dates give your guests notice that you are getting married and you have set a date. At a minimum you should send out the Save the Dates 6 months prior to the Wedding. This will give your guests ample time to plan to attend your Wedding. It’s easy to forget during these stressful times but your guests need time to plan also. They need to make travel arrangements, book vacations, find something to wear, and also find you two the perfect gift.

If you are planning a destination wedding you are going to want to send out your Save The Dates 1 year in advance. Your guests are going to have to make a lot of arrangements to attend your destination wedding and the more time you can give them the better.

Wedding Invitations

You are going to want to send out your actual wedding invitations between 6 to 9 weeks in advance of your wedding. You will also want to request that your guests RSVP your wedding at least one month in advance to your big day. This will give you time to finalize your arrangements with vendors and will also give your guests confirmation of actual dates and times of your wedding.

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