Wedding Party EtiquetteWedding Party Etiquette

Agreeing to attend a wedding can also you get you invited to a few more parties leading up to the big day. Some of these parties you need to bring a gift, some you will be asked to pitch in a couple bucks, and some you just have to show up. All of the parties leading up to the wedding have different Wedding Party Etiquette and traditions. We will try to give you some of the basic Wedding Party Etiquette here but every wedding is different and what might traditionally happen at most might not at the wedding you are attending.

If you are every in doubt as the host who invited you.

Some General Questions You Could Ask The Host Are:

  • How Should I Dress For The Party.
  • Does The Bride Or Groom Know About The Party. You would hate to ruin a surprise.
  • Should I Bring A Gift.
  • What Is Expected Of Me

The Engagement Party

An Engagement Party is typically held the first month or second month after the groom proposes to the bride. This party is used to make a formal announcement to friends and family that a wedding is in the works. The party is typically paid for by the bride and groom. Although the parents of either the bride or groom could be paying for it. A gift is typically optional for the engagement party. Most people do not give a gift during this party.

But if you are very close to the bride or groom you may want to give them a card congratulating them or something small and thoughtful.

Below are a few gift Ideas if you do want to give a gift at the engagement party.

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The Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

It is very rare today for a Bachelor or Bachelorette party to take place the night before the wedding.  They mostly occur about two weeks to a month before the wedding. Between rehearsals and last minute emergencies their just isn’t time to have them the night before. As we all know the bachelor and bachelorette party is the last fling before the ring. It is a day or night where the bride and groom get together with friends and family to celebrate their last days of being single. Typically you will be invited by the Maid of Honor or the Best Man as they usually plan this for the bride or groom. You may receive an formal invitation by mail or you may just get a call or email requesting your attendance. For most bachelor or bachelorette parties the guest is not required to give a gift. You may want to give the bride or groom a gag gift just for a laugh but you are not required.

Before you attend the one thing you will want to ask the host about is what is your share of the cost will be for the party. The Wedding Party Etiquette is customary to cover not only your share of the party but also a portion of the bride’s or groom’s costs. The dress for a bachelor or bachelorette party may be formal or you may have a uniform for the night!  Theme T-Shirts are always fun.

Stag and Staggette parties are famous for excessive drinking. But don’t count on it though. The trend today is to focus less on the drinking and more on the bonding of friends and family. If drinking is in the mix then make sure you make arrangements to get a ride home at the end of the night.  Call a taxi or have someone pick you up. Please don’t drink and drive. You are their to have fun but you also don’t want to be the drunkest in the building. Drink responsibly and everyone is sure to have an incredible time.

Below are some Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Favors and Gifts you might want to pick up.

The Bridal Shower or Couples Shower

A bridal shower is traditionally hosted by either the mother of the bride or the maid of honor. This party is usually a girls only affair where the women invited shower the bride to be with gifts that she will need for her new life. The more modern approach is a couples shower. Over the last 50 years are so we have dropped some of the more traditional roles in society. Essentially the couples shower is the same thing as the bridal shower but gifts are given to both the bride and the groom.

Bridal showers and now Couples Showers usually take place anywhere within the final 6 months leading up of the wedding day. If they are being held at someone’s home the dress is usually a lot less formal then if they are hosted at a restaurant or public venue. Again if you are questioning the style of dress just check with the host.

As the name suggests you will be giving a gift to either the bride or the couple. On average guests usually spend around $50.00 on the bridal or couples shower gifts. If you are invited to the bridal shower you should expect to receive an invitation by mail. The invitation will cover the basics like where the shower is, if their is a theme to the party, and the date and time of the shower. The invitation may also tell you the where the bride or couple is registered for gifts.

If you are still struggling below is some of the more common wedding shower gifts most couples are asking for.

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The Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

If this is your first time being invited to a wedding rehearsal or wedding rehearsal dinner you are probably asking yourself what is the Wedding Party Etiquette. A wedding rehearsal is usually just as it sounds. Over an hour or two the bride, the groom, the wedding party, and the immediate families of both the bride and groom will rehearse the wedding ceremony. If you have never been married before the lead up to the ceremony can be a bit stressful. It is good to do a run through a day or two before the wedding so everyone know where they have to be and what they have to do. We are typically invited to a wedding rehearsal by invitation only.

Once the rehearsal is finished it is typically followed up by a rehearsal dinner. Traditionally Wedding Party Etiquette is that rehearsal dinner is paid for and hosted by the parents of the groom. Dressing for wedding rehearsals and rehearsal dinner can be a little bit tricky. In some cases we get lucky and the invitations note the style of dress in other cases we just have to ask the host.

Typically you do not give a gift at the rehearsal or rehearsal dinner. Although if you are in the immediate family or wedding party the bride and groom may present you with a gift to thank you for all of your help.

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